Don't buy presets. Learn presets.  

Presets are great. They save us time. They allow us to experience how other photographers edit. It can also be fun to see how a photo looks with different presets. 

Most photographers buy just presets but I'm going to teach you how to learn presets.

The Signature Preset Club was created for photographers who:

  • Are drowning in presets
  • Don't have time to go through courses
  • Can't seem to find their editing style 
  • Want to learn how to tweak presets
  • Need to customize previously purchased presets
  • Want to learn more about editing
  •  Have a desire to go deeper in Lightroom


Each month I hold a live, re-watchable editing session where I use a brand new signature Lightroom preset and customize it across a set of photos that have diverse lighting.

Signature Preset Club members have instant access to each month's (and past) editing sessions plus signature Lightroom presets and all the RAW files used in the editing video.   

These editing sessions are great for photographers who are struggling to find their style, want to speed up their workflow, need more practice editing in Lightroom, want to learn how to tweak presets, and which sliders to change and how much to change them. 



During my live editing sessions I will be using a custom, unreleased signature Lightroom preset that I developed during that month. 

As a Signature Preset Club member, you'll have instant access to each month's (and past month's) signature Lightroom presets plus all the RAW files used in the editing sessions.   

These monthly presets and RAW practice files are perfect for photographers who want to practice, tweak and, customize my presets to their own photos.  They're also great for people who want to learn how I edit and customize my presets on my own photos in order to get the best look.


MARK MAYA SIGNATURE PRESETs + Double exposure presets + TWEAK Presets

I've spent the last 8 years developing my own Lightroom presets, tweaks and how to best use them in my workflow.  I dedicated myself to thousands of hours experimenting with different features, researching other photographers presets, and fine-tuning my own editing style. 

When I developed my first preset pack 3 years ago, I had thousands of photographers buy them.  Everytime a photographer bought my presets I would ask them "what would you like to learn now that you've bought my presets?"

The most common response was they wanted to learn how to "tweak" the presets that they purchased.  They wanted to know how to customize the preset for their own style, vibe, and look.

After years of personal research, I created the Tweak Pack. The Tweak Pack allows photographers to apply a preset then use the tweak presets to adjust exposure, white balance, contrast, tones, shadows, highlights, grain, lens corrections, and skin luminance.  




Q: I don't know a lot about editing. Is this club right for me? 

A: Yes!  As a matter of fact, the Signature Preset Club is actually for beginner and intermediate skill levels. 


Q:  Can I join and then cancel if it's not the right fit?  

A: Yes! I understand that photographers need to "feel out" their educational experiences so members can cancel at anytime.  If you're on a monthly plan then you'll have access to the rest of the month's, and past month's, teachings and resources.  If you're on the yearly plan then you're subscription will run the rest of the year's, and past month's, teachings and resources.  At the end of your yearly subscription your membership will be cancelled. 


Q: How is the Tweak Pack different from moving the sliders? 

A: The Tweak Pack allows you to preview the tweak in the "Navigator" window before you apply it.  The tweaks also allow you slightly adjust each area with one click rather than having to manually control the slider which can be frustrating and can cause fatigue in your fingers and hands over time. 


Q: Why did you make a whole preset pack just for "double exposures"?

A:  Double exposures are edited in an entirely different way and I create them all the time so it made sense for me to make presets for them. 


Q:  Do members get to ask Mark Maya questions during the "live editing sessions"?

A:  Yes!  During the session and afterwards, Preset Club members will be able to ask Mark questions.  Members may ask questions in the "comments" section after the session is over as well.  


Q: I bought your last preset pack.  How are the Signature Presets different?

A:  My style, process, and editing workflow has evolved over the years so I have developed presets that fit that evolution and my new style.   The Signature Preset Pack is the most efficient, speedy, and high quality presets that I've ever created and I know other photographers will love how easy they are!


Q: If you already have presets created then why are you developing a new one every month and giving it away to members?

A: The monthly editing sessions are as much for me as they are for you.  The best way to learn and get better at something is by creating with it on a consistent basis.  I'm dedicated to staying up-to-date on the newest Lightroom features, workflow tricks, incorporating them into my editing process, and sharing that with you.   The monthly sessions challenge me to keep creating, sharing and progressing, while helping others too.