Online Mentoring




The truth is...

You don't really need a mentor. If you do photography as a profession long enough then you're going to be successful. You're going to meet your goals. You're going to make enough money and reach your ideal client.  

The questions are: how long will it take? and will you enjoy the journey?

I spent the first 5 years as a photographer questioning everything that I did. I would re-brand, change my niche, redesign my website and tell people that I was a "(the most popular buzz word) photographer".  I basically made no money but I really want to and didn't know how.  I didn't feel confident, decisive nor did I have a vision.  I was ready to find a different profession. 



To dedicate myself to what I had previously invested my time in and then build off of that.  Things like my MFA in Educational Media Production, my many years of teaching experience and the connections I had made in the industry.  I pushed through all of my doubts and fear, and it was really...really hard. I had to be consistent, humble and most importantly, honest.  Over the past ten years I've learned valuable, painstaking lessons.  



To be honest with you. To help your passion for photography become a profitable business that thrives and allows you to live out your passion.   I'll work along side of you to teach you those hard lessons that took me so long to learn.

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