Mark Maya 03 (6 presets included)

Mark Maya 03 (6 presets included)


This is Mark Maya 03. These are my latest set of 6 custom Lightroom presets.  They are designed to provide a diverse custom split tone for each preset and tend need less tweaking. 

Feel free to make your own presets out of them and have fun! 

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Here are some things to keep in mind after you purchase one of my presets:

  1. Even though my style emulates "film", my Lightroom presets don't have grain added.  I add grain in a separate photo editing software call Alien Skin Exposure.
  2. You need to "white balance" and "expose" your photos before applying my Lightroom presets.  Here's a tutorial on how to "white balance" in Lightroom.
  3. After you apply my Lightroom presets it's important to "tweak" it.  This basically means starting at the top of the sliders and making slight changes based on the individual image.  Not only will this make your photo look better but you'll also learn about Lightroom along the way.