Salt Lake City Couples Photography - Brooke and Dylan

Here's a few photos from a couples photography shoot in Salt Lake City, Utah I did with Brooke and Dylan.  The energy between them during the shoot was incredible!

For this shoot I chose my Canon 85L ll lens with the 5D Mark lll body.  I usually don't shoot with this lens because of the focal length constrictions but I find that when I'm out in direct sunlight that this lens tends to respond better to the harsh light.  

All photos were edited with Mark Maya 03 with added grain using Alien Skin Exposure. 

Mark Maya - Photographer - Educator

Mark Maya Photography, 217 North Briggs Avenue, Durham, NC, 27703

Did you know 10 years ago when I decided to become an educator I was really scared?  I didn't feel like I had the confidence, social skills or basic knowledge to teach. Honestly, some days I still don't. 

I've learned more than I ever thought possible through teaching photography to teenagers with severe disabilities, middle and high schoolers, university students and countless individual photographers. 

I'm someone who believes in being prepared. Being prepared for teaching others is a task that only time can prepare you for. Time spent struggling through something with others. Solving problems and figuring stuff out together. Learning from each other and our mistakes.

I'm excited that we get to learn together and I promise to always be prepared and spend time on my craft while being honest and organic. 

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.