Why I hated the holidays and love the cinemagraph.

Ok I don't HATE the holidays. I just made that the title so you would click on my blog post.

The holidays are a hustle for me though. From November through December it seems like I am bombarded with people who want portraits.  

For their mom. Their boyfriend. Their cat. 

I love getting paid to make portraits.  It's what I do and I enjoy it so much.

But sometimes I just want to have the freedom make something that doesn't involve boundaries or clients .

Since I made it through the holidays I've commenced some new projects that I am doing for the sheer enjoyment of it.

One project is known as the "cinemagraph".

 It's basically a very complex and well-thought out animated GIF.  Some of these were shot with video while others were done using a "stop-motion" photography technique.  

After I shoot them I deconstruct the frames in photoshop and then add some voodoo. 

Here are a few that I've experimented with.  Keep checking back to my Cinemagraph page as I periodically add more.  I also have a Tumblr.  You'll often see them there too.


Never heard of a cinemagraph before?  

The two photographers that coined the term are Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.  Find their work at cinemagraphs.com



Mark Maya

Mark Maya Photography, Durham, NC, 27707, United States

Mark Maya is a photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.