LA Photographers - Kya Shae

During my recent workshop on the west coast I randomly ran into Kya Shae.  I was sitting in my buddies studio in Salt Lake City, Utah watching The Daily Show and eating breakfast. 

Kya walked into to the room and I instantly knew we had to make art together.  I ended up DMing her through Instagram the night before she left for LA and asked her to come in the next morning for a quick shoot before her flight out.  

She walked in with her sweet grandmother and we made this shoot together.

If you'd like to see ALL of the photos that I gave Kya then you can head over to my Patreon page and check out my behind-the-scenes work.  

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Nashville Photographers - Lindsay Carver

I've built my business on calculated risks.  I cold message so many people weekly.  Most of them ignore me but there's always one or two that respond and out of those I end up working with maybe 1 person a month.  

I'm not scared to ask for collaborations, trading services or simply a conversation.  I'm not scared of someone's accomplishments.  

For this shoot, I direct messaged Lindsay Carver through Instagram after discovering her in the #nashvillephotographer feed.  We shared our thoughts, concerns, portfolios and it turns out she's one of those people willing to put themselves out there and take risks to do what she loves similar to me.   She's been a musician most of her life and recently discovered that she's a talented model.

This set with her is probably one of the most solid that I've ever shot. I'm really thankful.

Feel free to enjoy Lindsay's single "Beauty Queen" while you check out the photos! 


Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

In-Camera Double Exposure - Before and After Edit

I shot this in-camera double exposure at a wedding in Park City, Utah using the Canon 5D Mark IV with the 35L ii lens

I started off

shooting the portrait making sure that the background was overexposed slightly and the near side of the bride's face was slightly underexposed.   I made sure she was slightly angled towards me to get some depth in here face.


I noticed

the amazing floral designs in the middle of the tables during the reception and pulled some roses out of them.  I went outside and set my camera to "multiple exposure mode",  held up the roses and created the photo.  

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Brian and Ellie - Durham Central Park - Couples Photography

I love photographing other artists.  They're my absolute favorite subjects because they're so willing to experiment, take risks and are intuitively creative.  When they're an artist's even better.  

Brian and Ellie are two amazing latin style dancers who recently started their own YouTube Channel.  I got to do a session with them while educating some other photographers in downtown Durham, N.C. at the Central Park District.

A few of the shots you see below were created by reflecting the surrounding environment off of my iPhone and into the lens.  A couple of the other shots were taken in a dry concrete swimming pool in a skate park and the final shot is an in-camera double exposure.

Shot with the Fujifilm X-T20 - 35mm.

I love talking about my process so if you have any questions, please ask! 

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Mandolin Orange - NC Musician Photography

As a musician photographer from North Carolina I get to photograph and make art with many local indie musicians, rock stars and eclectic creatives.  

One of the highlights of my musician photography was to be able to shoot Emily and Andrew; the duo that makes up Mandolin Orange.

I took them to a parking garage in Durham, NC where the light is consistently lovely and the acoustics for sound are eerie as hell. 

I knew that I wanted to have them both sing an "a capella" version of one of their songs during the shoot so I stopped them about halfway through, had them face each other and they sang this hauntingly beautiful version of "Lonesome Whistle".   It took a few tries to get the sound and shots that I was envisioning but I'm pleased with the process and how it ended up. 

Follow Mandolin Orange:


Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Before and After Edit + FREE PRESETS!

For this "before and after" edit I am using a shot from an album cover session I did with the bluegrass stars Darin and Brooke Aldridge.

This image was shot with the Canon 5D Mark lll using the Sigma 35mm Art lens.

My camera settings were 1/400 sec, ƒ/2.0, ISO 100.

I edited this photo to this Spotify playlist.

If you'd like to see all the specific editing decisions that I made with this photo then download the RAW file, use the Lightroom preset + VSCO Film's Kodak Elite ll 50-C camera profile + use my Alien Skin Exposure custom preset in Alien Skin Exposure X2.

That's a lot of a processing so if you have questions along the way feel free to ask in the comments below. 

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Valentine's Day Surprise Proposal at Angus Barn - Raleigh, NC

I had the amazing honor of photographing Armando's surprise proposal to Jenny on Valentines Day at Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC. 

Here's an emotional slideshow from the event. 

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Artist Talk with Junebug Weddings Editors Carrie Schwab & Nicole Seligman

I'll be live with Junebug Weddings Editors Carrie Schwab & Nicole Seligman at 5pm EST on Thursday February 16th!  

Leave your questions for Carrie and Nicole in the "comments" section below!

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.

Utah Wedding Photography - Moab

I recently had the pleasure of going on an adventure in Moab, Utah with Caleb and Logan during The Photo Rehab workshop.  Their passion was so deep and wild.  Every photo of them was a real love story.

Logan is a talented blogger and you can find her

Hair/Make-Up: Megan Gorley

Dress: White Meadow & Maggie Sottero

Floral: L Floral Studios

Photo Rehab Mentor: Haley Nord

Slideshow: Pixellu Smartslides

Equipment: Canon 5DMK4 - 35L ll

Mark Maya is a wedding photographer and educator from Durham, NC.